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Commercial Door Hinges

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Commercial Door Hinges
We offer an array of commercial door hinges including butt hinges, continuous hinges (Roton), spring hinges, electric transfer hinges, hospital tip hinges, invisible hinges, swing clear hinges, double acting hinges and more. Hinges are offered in a wide variety of types, sizes and finishes.

Plain & Ball Bearing Hinges Available
NRP – Non-Removable Pin Hinges Available
Continuous Hinges
Butt Hinges
Specialty Hinges

Continuous Gear Hinges
For use on heavy or high traffic doors. Instead of using a pin as in conventional hinges, a geared rotating joint is used. Weight is distributed evenly along the full length of the frame, thus minimizing wear on the hinge and extending the life of an opening. Typical problems such as door bind and sag are eliminated, reducing service calls and maintenance costs.

Ideal for Retrofit Projects and New Construction
Fire-Rated Hinges Available

Finishes: Clear Aluminum and Dark Bronze
Full Surface, Half Surface and Concealed Leaf Available